Our Story



Meet Mira

Mira Cole, the owner and founder of Baah Yarn, has an extensive background in Art. Born in Indonesia, a country filled with beautiful colors and art, she grew a great appreciation for it. Many of the yarn colors are inspired by the art and exquisite colors from the island of Bali. Mira studied Graphic Design at Cal State Northridge and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She moved back to Indonesia afterwards where she started her family.

After knitting with several yarn brands, Mira wanted something that was a bit more joyful to knit. That is when she began her search for the perfect yarn base and twist. Eventually their first yarn line was created, La Jolla (pronounced as La Hoy Ya), named after a stunning beach town in San Diego. She then began to hand dye yarn for fun in her kitchen in Oceanside, California. During difficult times in 2011, she went door to door of local yarn shops in San Diego, Los Angeles, & Orange County. She was beyond excited to get her first actual sale! Her feeling of joy and gratification was beyond belief. She continued to pursue her passion of sharing her happy colors and started attending TNNA tradeshows with the help of her family and friends.

Baah Yarn is a family owned business that moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2019 and they work with a wonderful team of 6 people. They strive to bring happy hand dyed colors to yarn shops in many countries.

Baah Yarn is dedicated to helping yarn shops make their businesses thrive, which is why their products are only offered to yarn shop retailers. Their products are not sold directly to the public for that reason. Baah Yarn works with new and upcoming designers to always keep their knits exciting and fresh. They provide support for both designers and yarn shops of all sizes and invite everyone to come and join the fun! Baah Yarn welcomes all fiber enthusiasts from all over the world into their knitting community.